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Summer Tote + Mixed Spice Combo

Summer Tote + Mixed Spice Combo

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Did you know that plastic bags used to carry your grocery fruit and vegetables makeup up to 100 billion bags thrown away annually? That's the equivalent of dumping nearly 12 million barrels of crude oil. And it takes up to 1,000 years for a bag to disintegrate completely. 

This is not okay.

So just in time for Late Spring/Summer Farmer's Market season, The Future of Food is offering a reusable tote mesh bag with six separate internal compartments included to make plenty of room for your fruit and vegetables haul. No plastic bags required.

Included with your The Future of Food unique reusable bag is a set of three curated spices from our new partner Spice Tribe. These spices are specifically curated to compliment your grilling and other summer cooking needs. And the spices work equally well with grilled veggies for our vegetarian and plant based Friends.

Curated Spices Included:

  • Mr. Wesley Jones Antebellum BBQ Spice
  • Cali Jerk Smoke
  • Hercules and Hemmings Kitchen Pepper
    • From The Cooking Gene Spice Collection by Michael W. Twitty

About Spice Tribe: SpiceTribe travels the world to bring flavors and spices that are sustainably grown and ethically sourced. SpiceTribe spices are sourced from artisan farmers who understand the importance of regenerating the soil, protecting the balance of the ecosystems and keeping their heirloom produce as close as possible to what nature intended. And The Future of Food hopes you can taste it.


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